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There are various kinds of doors used in developing works categorized based upon placing of components, technique of building and construction, working operations and construction material used. A door is an accessible barrier which is provided in a wall opening to provide an access to the inside of a room of a building. The internal parts of a structure are linked by doors.

Interior Door Purchasing Guide

Interior Door

Whether you’re replacing used or broken doors, remodeling or wanting to enhance the within your home, a brand-new interior door offers a refreshing change. Let our guide help you select the right interior door to match your décor.

Things to Know Before You Purchase

door buying

Prior to acquiring a new interior door, there are a few things you require to keep in mind.

Door Type

There are two kinds of interior doors: pre-hung and slab.

A pre-hung door, that includes a frame-mounted door and hinges, is ready to set up and utilize with a ready doorway.

A slab door is standard; it’s simply the door and doesn’t consist of a frame, hinges or handle set. Piece doors come incomplete (indicating they need painting or staining) or ended up and all set to hang.


Door openings and dimensions are particularly crucial when setting up or changing an interior door. When changing an existing door with a pre-hung door, pick a door that has the same measurements as the existing one.

Standard widths for interior doors are 24, 28, 30, 32 and 36 inches, while the height must be a minimum of 80 inches. For a slab door, measure the width, height and density of the door. For a pre-hung door, measure the width and height of the piece, the rough opening (area between the studs with no door set up), and the density of the jamb.


Handing, or door swing, is necessary for positioning and door hardware. To figure out handing, stand on the outside of the door (the side from where you would go into, such as in the corridor facing the bed room). If the hinges are on the left side of the door, you have a left-handed door. It’s a right-handed door if the hinges are on the ideal side of the door.

For ideas on setting up or changing an interior door, check out Install or Replace Interior Doors

Door Styles

Interior doors are available in a variety of designs, offering you the alternative of enhancing every space in your home.



Barn doors are a fresh way to different spaces, while offering a craftsmen flair to any area. Some barn doors slide along an upper rail, and others have a bottom track to prevent the door from swinging. Barn doors vary from rustic to polished and come unfinished or prefinished in a range of styles.

We likewise use a package to convert most doors into a barn door.

Required help? View our video: How to Size and Hang a Sliding Door.

Barn door hardware has a range of surfaces and accessories. Both top- and side-mount hardware are offered. Installing hardware packages are all-in-one for a single door application.



A pocket door is a moving door that tucks into the wall and conceals from view when opened. It’s a fantastic door when space is at a premium, and there’s no space for the swing arc of a door. Depending on the entry width, single or double doors can be utilized.



When opened, Accordion doors fold in sections along a track with wheels. They work well as space dividers, closet doors and utility room doors.



French doors have several lites (panes of glass) throughout the length of the door that use minimal personal privacy, while permitting light to filter in from adjacent spaces. They’re normally located in a side-by-side set, with each door opening away from the other. They’re a classic design and bring a touch of elegance to any area.



When opened, bifold doors are hinged with symmetrical door panels that fold outside and to the side as a set. Lots of bifold doors are louvered, permitting much better air circulation than conventional doors. Bifold doors do not swing and take up less space than a hinged door, making them a terrific option for closets, laundry rooms, utility rooms or room dividers.



Bypass doors have 2 or more sections that move on a parallel track in either direction. They’re developed to slide previous one another and work as closet doors.



Saloon/caf é doors specify your area in a whimsical way without blocking the location. These are available in a variety of style styles and sizes, consisting of full-length, and include hardware for setup.

Door End up.

The finish you pick on your brand-new door depends on the time and cash you want to put into the process.


Primed doors are prepped with a covering that seals the wood and makes it much easier for the paint or stain to adhere.


A stained door boosts the natural wood pattern and develops an even color tone, permitting the natural wood to shine through. Stains are available in a variety of shades from lights, such as honey maple or white oak, to darks, like black or espresso.


A prefinished door is all set and factory-finished for installation. It’s been stained or painted with precut door knob holes and hinge screw holes. All you require to do is install it.


Incomplete doors are a blank slate and need more work than prefinished doors. They’re presanded however not stained or painted. Interior doors are available in a range of designs, offering you the option of enhancing every space in your house.


Molded Composite.

Molded composite is a budget friendly, manufactured item made with a wood-based substance. It’s crafted to have the look of genuine wood. Maintenance on composite doors is pain-free; they won’t fade in time and never need painting.


Wood is available in different types with different appearances and qualities.

Wood Species.

  • Wood describes trees that are flowering plants (instead of softwood, which are cone-bearing trees) and doesn’t refer to the tree’s hardness.
  • Knotty alder is a flexible, small-knotted, slightly soft hardwood types with an abundant tone and rustic feel. Its consistent texture and straight grain look excellent when stained and lacquered.
  • Knotty pine is a lightweight wood with a fine texture, straight grain and small, tight knots. When painted, the knots will bleed through in time, so make sure to seal the knots before painting.
  • Lauan is a tropical types of wood that originates from Southeast Asia and is used to make plywood.
  • Oak, the most commonly used wood, is strong and durable. It’s light-colored with popular rings.
  • Pine is a straight-grained softwood that comes in over 100 types. It’s lightweight and withstands shrinking and swelling.

Engineered Wood.

Engineered wood products, such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and hardboard, are lasting and long lasting.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) doors are durable, along with water- and fireproof. They come in a variety of colors to improve any decoration.

Core Type.

Hollow core doors are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to set up and a popular option for many homeowners. Their adaptability makes them perfect for bedrooms, restrooms and closets; nevertheless, they don’t offer premium sound stopping and have little fire resistance.

Cutting hollow core doors can be difficult due to the fact that they aren’t really hollow. Inside is a foam or cardboard core. Procedure the amount to trim, use an utility and line up knife to score with a straight edge. Clamp a straight edge cutting guide to the door, and cover ball game with masking tape all the way around the door to help avoid breaking. Cut with a power saw.

Solid core doors are tougher, heavier and offer better soundproofing than hollow core. They’re much better insulated, offer the appearance, feel and toughness of strong wood without the expense and offer good fire resistance.


When cutting a hollow core door, cut at the bottom and no more than 1-1/2 inches.

Flush or Panel.

Interior doors are classified as either flush or panel and both have their benefits.



Wood-veneered flush doors include plain, flat dealings with on either side of the door. They’re hollow or strong core and develop clean, elegant lines to match the design.



Panel doors, a decorative and popular choice, feature stiles (vertical frame components) and rails (horizontal frame elements) with flat panels put in between them. Six-panel doors are timeless, but 2- and three-panel doors are likewise available.

Split Jamb.

Split Jamb

Split jambs come in 2 lengthwise pieces with cases attached. They make it easy to set up a door, even when the wall thickness isn’t basic.

Flat Jamb.

Flat Jamb

Flat jambs include a standard one-piece jamb.

Door Hardware.

Door Hardware

When it concerns door hardware, you have many choices, from the surface to hinges to knobs to locks and more. If your door does not require locking and uses a push/pull function, decorative non turning dummy knobs and deals with are an ideal choice. For doors that do not require locking performance, such as closet, pantry or hallway doors, passage door knobs are simple to come and set up in a variety of surfaces and designs.

If the hinges are on the left side of the door, you have a left-handed door. A pocket door is a moving door that tucks into the wall and conceals from view when opened. French doors have numerous lites (panes of glass) throughout the length of the door that offer very little personal privacy, while permitting light to filter in from adjacent spaces. Secure a straight edge cutting guide to the door, and cover the rating with masking tape all the way around the door to help avoid breaking. For doors that do not need locking performance, such as kitchen, closet or hallway doors, passage door knobs are simple to install and come in a selection of designs and surfaces.

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