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It is important to find the right windows for your home, not just for external aesthetic purposes, but also to ensure that the inside gets enough natural light. Gama produces some of the best bespoke wooden windows Dublin. All of our windows are tailor-made, and come with state of the art locking mechanisms, for your safety.

At Gama, we work closely with our clients to find the perfect windows for their home, and we create them in our workshop before professionally installing them.

Here are some of the styles of wooden windows that we create:

H-Axis Pivot Window

Windows that open horizontally, from a pivot in the middle of the frame. This allows you to open the window further than a traditional window, if you want to. This style of window frame is split into two panes of glass, with only the top pane being able to open. This is perfect if you are not looking for wide open windows, just a small opening. It also allows you to choose a combination of glass types for the panes, such as frosted and clear, if you wish.

Sash Window

This is a style of window that involves one or more panels (also known as sashes) to move up or down, to open and close the widow. A traditional style of frame, these add the finishing touches to a picturesque home.

Tilt and Turn Opening Window

This is one of the most versatile styles of window that you can find for your home. These kinds of windows are able to open out, like a traditional window, but they are also able to open vertically, so that the top of the window is angled inside, letting fresh air in. This is perfect if you occasionally do not want too much ventilation in your home, but also sometimes want your windows wide open.

Top Swing Window

Top swing windows have a handle at the base of the window, so that to open, the window is pushed outwards horizontally. The window is able to open up to 180 degrees. The strong hinges hold the open window in place, and prevent any banging or movement in wind, yet are easy enough to open and close.

Top Swing Window (Scandinavian Style)

From a practical standpoint, this window functions exactly the same as a top swing window. However, the Scandinavian Style model involves the pane of glass being split into four. This extra design feature is perfect for those looking to add a little more style to the exterior of their home, and looking to break up their large windows with a pop of coloured frame.

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We believe that cheap wooden windows should not come at the expense of reduced quality. With our bespoke hardwood windows, prices will vary depending on style, but we can guarantee that the quality of the craftsmanship remains the same. If you are interested in receiving a free, non-obligatory quote for any of our styles, simply fill in our short online form.

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